Project Idea

Based on a study developed by the Library Department in the Ministry to recognize and look into the needs of the libraries and information society in the country, the Emirates National Program for Libraries Management initiative is considered a supplemental to those initiatives aiming at supporting the libraries and information field in the country. Actually, the objective of all these initiatives is to establish a developed and recent electronic infrastructure for all libraries and information centers in the UAE. These initiatives also seeks to finds a collaborative system and structure for all UAE libraries.

The Idea of the Emirates National Program for Libraries Management is to provide solutions and opportunities for libraries that have no potentialities or capabilities to act solely in this information explosion age. This can be achieved by providing libraries with the necessary support through a comprehensive and integrated IT system for their collections and technical processes management. In this regard, the specialized professional and experienced staff in the field of libraries and information technology in the Ministry will spare no effort to support and strengthen the participating libraries by providing technical and logistic advice according to the applicable processes.